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Your Business is Your Superpower!

You’re doing what you love and are good at, which is why you have made it your business…

Your strengths are a mixture of your talents, knowledge and skills - otherwise known as your superpower!

However, despite these impressive skill sets, a common challenge encountered is that most independent business owners rarely take the time out to identify their strengths and see if they are making the most of these strengths in their day-to-day business.

Running a business requires a huge range of skills
Running a business requires a huge range of skills

You can’t do it all!

It’s easy to get caught up in the misnomer that not only can we excel in doing what we love, we also know how to create and maintain an interesting website, generate on point marketing and advertising, and think we’re being cost effective by doing it all ourselves.


How fresh is your website?

Have you recently updated it or maintained it?

How up to date are your blogs, newsletters, and social media marketing?

Could you have an online store?

Are you regularly connecting with your customers?

Enter the art of delegation…

One person can't do it all, and delegation is the key that will leave you time to focus on the top level, strategic issues facing your business, leaving you time to reinvigorate motivation and skills.

For all of us, our time and energy are limited. Our business needs our full attention on the aspects we excel in, as a failure to do that properly will ultimately harm the business. In attempting to be all things to all people we become overworked, where focus is scattered, leading to mistakes made from decision fatigue. Building a business isn't easy, especially if you're wearing multiple hats.

So, it makes sense to use other people’s superpowers…

Superhero image
Greenfield Sites - Helping you focus on what you are good at....

I am a website wonder woman!

Greenfield Sites is a recognised as an official ‘Wix Partner’ meaning I’m a Wix Website expert. My superpower strengths further include all the crucial digital features that help businesses thrive online.

Key elements for business success are:

• Website – your business’s mothership!

• Online Store (where appropriate)

• Regular Social Media Marketing

• Good Copywriting

• Regular Newsletters

• Fresh Blogs

• Google Advertising

• Analytics Reporting

• Flyers /Posters (where appropriate)

If you’re not able to keep your website and marketing machine running succinctly, efficiently, and regularly then delegation is the obvious option which could genuinely save and make you money! Here is a useful guide about delegation and outsourcing.

Let me support you and your business. A conversation costs nothing, there’s no obligation, and it could make all the difference!

Get in touch by text, Whatsapp or call 07748 827763 or send an email to


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