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Are you working with or against Google?

Google has a webcrawler called 'Googlebot'. In layman’s terms it’s how they constantly search for new pages and adds them to its list of Known Pages. Once Google discovers a page URL, it visits or crawls (with Googlebot) the page to find out what's on it.

Google then renders the page and analyses both the text and non-text content, as well as the overall visual layout to decide where it can appear in Search Results. The better Google can understand your site, the better it can match it to people who are looking for your content.

This means that by complying with Google, you can help towards your own organic (free) SEO on Google Search!

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Are you working with Google?

An immediate, quick and effective enhancement to your website is to ensure that you have one page per service...

For example, if you’re a mechanic selling various car services, MOT’s, repairs etc. then you should have one page per service on your site. Commonly people tend to group their services into a gallery type format which works against Google!

An additional bonus to creating a page per service is that you can cross reference between pages / services!

Google likes links!

What reputable, external companies that you partner with, can you share links with?

Consider who you sell to, buy from, share marketing with and swap links. For instance, a car company could link to a tire company and vice versa. These are called External Links and Google likes to see them on a site. Cross referencing with links within your own site is called Internal Links, also important and you need both external and internal links to optimise your site.

The B word…

Yes, a Blog!

If you have a website but don't have a blog, please consider having one.

A blog is a wonderful way to connect with people to publicise your site, services, and products. They are easy to create and update. Your blog immediately refreshes your site with rich, useful, and original content. A blog can be around 500 words, you fill it with keywords relating to your site / product / services and add – links!

Blogging is a win, win because you’ll be providing your customers and clients with information, special offers, discounts, or an opportunity to connect with you, as well as adding Google favoured content to your site!

If you would like any help in adding extra pages to your site, or a blog to your site, or having content written for your site or blog – please contact me and we can discuss various options to suit you, your site, and budget.

Greenfield Sites' services include:

· Website Tidy and Refresh; new additional service pages, setting up a new blog etc

· Copywriting; website content, blog posts, social media posts, emails etc

· Social Media Marketing; various platforms, design, scheduling etc

· Logo Design

· Flyers & Posters

Asking for quote is free and you might be surprised!


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