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Wix is recognised as one of the top 5 website builders for SEO - in fact this article ranks Wix as the number 1 website building platform for SEO.


As part of your website build, I will optimise your site for mobile and put in page titles, metadescriptions and some JSON-LD code to help get you seen on search results.  But SEO is an ongoing process and large SEO companies charge £1000's per month for regular SEO improvements and enhancements.

What can you do to help your SEO?

There are some simple things you can do to help with your site's visibility, such as updating your website content regularly, posting a blog/news article at least monthly (minimum 750 words), using social media effectively and asking reputable and relevant partners/customers to include links on their websites to yours. 


Don't be tempted to buy back links through cheap sources such as Fiver or from emails you may randomly receive (these can cause serious damage to your website ranking).  

Aim for a page per service - one page websites are simple to build but won't help with your SEO because Google won't know where to look to find your information....and on those pages, make sure your URLs are relevant to the content.  

Think about your keywords - if you want people to find you by searching 'Hairdressers in Winchester', make sure you have that phrase in your website. Google isn't going to do the guesswork for you.

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What if you've tried all those things and you still need more website traffic?

I am delighted to be working in partnership with a Wix SEO Expert who offers expert site engine optimisation services to help businesses of all sizes get the most out of their online presence.


With over 10 years of experience in the field, Michael knows how to help you achieve your desired results – whatever your budget.  Options range from a one-off fee to a one year package depending on your needs and your budget. 


The reviews from customers speak for themselves:

"Michael has recently helped fix and sort out my SEO and website errors and issues.  From absolutely no where on Google to page 1 and page 2 is amazing.  Highly recommend."

"Michael was super quick to respond. He sent a preliminary report detailing where the errors in my page were and what needed addressing. He sent a quote alongside what he would do to improve the SEO. He has produced a short video to advertise my site and I have already increased traffic and calls for our service from our site. I’m looking forward to working with him over the next year to continue these improvements and enhance our visibility."

"Michael took my website from the depths of Google and managed to get me page 1 immediately, very impressed with the work and would definitely use again!"


If you'd like to chat with Michael and find out how he can help, just fill in the form below and he will get in touch with you. To read his full Wix Marketplace profile and reviews, click here.

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