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How Do You Measure Your Professional Presence Online?

Most of us have heard of and maybe even use Google Analytics, which is a good tool if you know how to use it! But for many, it can be tricky to set up and read the analysis. Or you might be paying someone to do the analysis for you!

Here's the solution: Metricool

An amazing free tool, easy to use and helps you to grow your brand! Sign up now here.

Analyse all your online data in one place with Metricool
Metricool dashboard

I wholeheartedly suggest looking at this super, free resource to help you understand how your business and brand is working for you online.

Metricool is a social media tool that combines many features…

It can show you analytics for your website, blogs, Twitter, Facebook including Ads, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube. Plus, it has lots of extra features to help you increase your statistics.

The best part is you can get all functions you need for free!

Top features of Metricool:

Super easy to set up!

It literally takes minutes to set the whole thing up. It’s really easy to connect to your social media pages. To connect your website Metricool offers java script which does need to be added. I can do that bit for you if needs be, or you can do it yourself - here's link to show you how

Metricool offers a great overview.

You can see all your posts and statistics. With it’s simple, straight to the point design, you can see what is going on, when you have posted posts, which post is generating traffic and where the traffic is coming from.

Overview of multiple analytics.

You can see the statistics of your website or Facebook for example, where switching between platforms is easy, with the relevant analytics overview per platform.

Scheduling posts made simple!

You can easily schedule and publish your content on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, TikTok and Google My Business all from one place and even from your phone.

Metricool provides the best Hashtags for you to use on each platform.

When you schedule posts, as you type in hashtags particularly for Instagram or Twitter, a list will pop up showing you the best hashtags for you to choose. Metricool will also show when your followers are active on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram so you can share the content when they are more likely to read it.

With Metricool, you can learn exactly what’s going on with your website, your social media, and advertising platforms and work out what's popular for your audience, and understand how to increase your presence online.

It’s the ultimate app for you to analyse, manage and grow your digital presence. Click here to sign up.

If you have any questions, or would like me to set you up with a Metricool account, please feel free to get in touch. Contact me on 07748 827763 or send an email to and I'll be happy to chat.


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