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ShopAppy OR Your Own Online Store?

Founded in 2016, ShopAppy is an easy-to-use website that allows customers to go online, find participating shops their local area, then browse and purchase their products and services.

Sounds marvellous for Customers....doesn't it?

Online shoppers
Online shoppers

…And for Businesses?

ShopAppy works by inviting local independent shops and businesses to show information, products, and services they have for sale in their town or city in one place without the need for their own website or online store.

It all sounds great doesn't it....

ShopAppy offers businesses and customers loads of benefits, but when you really look at the detail it's not quite that straightforward:

✅ You get your business, online for free with support to take photos and upload your products.

❌ Free for the first 12 months only! When your free year ends, costs increase £3.00 per week plus an £50 per month for support, and with an extra payment processing charges of 2% per transaction! That's more than a hosted website and online store with Wix, and other well known website builders.

✅ Shoppers pay and collect their items from a local ‘collection hub’ outside normal working hours.

❌ Every day you will need to take your sold products to the hub, wrapped and ready for collection, adding to your expense as a business.

✅ Shoppers can browse and buy from high street shops through ShopAppy, potentially increasing your trade online – aiming to increase trade to high streets.

❌ People who shop online will firstly look for your website to buy your products or they will go to large suppliers such as Amazon - who would think of Googling 'ShopAppy'? Within ShopAppy, your products will be alongside those of other local shops, introducing direct comparison and competition!

As a small business, it's easy to think that ShopAppy is a simpler and cheaper way of having an online shop. But is it?

Here are just some TOP reasons why having your own website is essential:

✅ Your own website represents your business; an online shop somewhere else doesn’t! Being listed on another site grows their online business not yours!

✅ Having your own website makes your business look credible to customers and allows them to browse and shop with you at anytime and anywhere.

✅ Your competitors have one!

✅ Google ranks local businesses higher when searcher use mobile devices, which most do. “In April 2021, 50.47% of all internet users connected to the internet via mobile”. Mobile Internet Statistics UK [2022]

✅ You can increase your Google views, invite reviews, and link to your website, phone number, and a location map by using your own website.

✅ Using Facebook and other social media helps direct more people to your website and online store and updating these is easy and can be done from your mobile phone within seconds,

✅ With your own online store you can sell 24/7, globally. Reaching customers who may never have found you without an online presence, bringing in valuable extra revenue.

✅ You can easily upload and update your products and services on a website using an app on your mobile.

So, as you can see, there is a compelling argument for having your own website and online store. A business website is one of the best investments any company can make in its future.

If you would like a free quote or to contact me with an enquiry, please feel free to do so

If you would like to discuss different options for selling your products or services online – I am very good at what I do! Let me help you. Contact me on 07748 827763 or send an email to and I'll be happy to chat through options to suit your business and budget.

ShopAppy or your own website infographic
ShopAppy Infographic

ShopAppy or your own website infographic
ShopAppy Infographic

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